Overcome with Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Morning sickness is one of the common symptoms of pregnancy. It normally starts during third or fourth week of pregnancy and continue up to the first trimester. With start of second trimester or after 13 weeks, you can get relief from morning sickness. Many women believe that morning sickness can occur only during morning time, but it can occur any time in the evening or night. You can feel more during morning time when blood sugar level is down.  Morning sickness cause the feeling of nausea and vomiting during initial stage of pregnancy. Sometimes it may also cause light headache in some women. 

Overcome with Morning Sickness During Pregnancy

Normally, morning sickness is a good sign and indicates that your pregnancy is in progress. Morning sickness is not harmful usually. It can be harmful only if vomiting occurs continuously, which may cause reduce in water level of the pregnant women. In such case, you should not wait longer and immediately contact doctor for taking right precautions.Overcome with morning sickness during pregnancy

Reasons for Morning Sickness during Pregnancy

Approximately 60 to 80 % of women feel morning sickness during their initial stage of pregnancy. In initial stage of pregnancy, change in hormone level in women’s body can cause vomiting and depression. Some research says that that morning sickness is a protective mechanism for pregnant women from ingesting potential harmful items like teratogens or abortifacients.

Duration of Morning Sickness

Morning Sickness causes nausea and vomiting. It may last for initial 12 weeks during pregnancy. You can find reducing effect of nausea and vomiting with start of second trimester. It is not certain and may vary from woman to woman. Some women can fill nausea and vomiting throughout their pregnancy period, but it is very rare. Some women can feel it with some cooking or food smell. If they find smell from such things, she feels like vomiting. This may last throughout pregnancy period in many women.

Excess vomiting cause by Morning Sickness

If you find excess vomiting and you cannot be able to eat anything. You should immediately contact your doctor. This syndrome is known as hyperemesis gravidarum that means excessive vomiting in pregnancy and it is very rare. It can be treated and not very complicated if you take treatment immediately, otherwise it may cause malnutrition, dehydration and other complications. It may harmful to you and your baby if you will not take right treatment at right time.

Morning sickness will not affect your baby if you eat a well-balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids including water and fruit juices.

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Tips to get Relieve from Morning Sickness
  • You need to follow some basic tips which can help you overcome from morning sickness and give you some relieve.
  • Do not get up suddenly from your bed. Take some support and sit up slowly from your bed. You should slowly go to your bed or get up from your bed. Your fast movement can increases queasiness.
  • Do not go immediately in the kitchen after wake up in the morning. Cause for nausea in different women are different, one of them is smell of cooking food. In the morning time if you find such smell, it may cause nausea. You can stop it by avoiding going in the kitchen for some time.
  • You should have your morning breakfast very simple. It is preferable if you take some plain biscuits in your bed. An empty stomach can cause more nausea during morning hours. Therefore, it is advisable not to keep your stomach empty.  You should make a habit to eat some simple food items at some interval like dry biscuits, which is high in vitamin B and can reduce nausea. Keep your stomach full, but not overloaded otherwise it also causes vomiting. You can also eat bananas in your breakfast as it is rich in potassium and are helpful in quelling nausea.
  • You need to eat more time in a day instead of eating only once or twice in a day. You need more protein and carbohydrates in your meal. Your diet should be full of vitamins and minerals. You should avoid fatty, acidic, fried and spicy foods which may also cause nausea. You should also avoid fast food. It is advisable to eat food at home and avoid food from hotel and restaurants.
  • You should drink minimum 8 glasses of water in a day. It will prevent your system from dehydration due to vomiting. You can take ginger-lemon water or some refreshing drink to get relieve in nausea.
  • You should take vitamin B in your diet. Due to lack of vitamin B in pregnant women’s diet, it may cause morning sickness. You need to take fresh vegetables, wheat, bananas, etc. in your diet for vitamin B.
  • Take some vitamin supplements as prescribe by your doctor. You also need to take folic acid regularly.
  • You should keep yourself away from strong odors that cause nausea.
  • You need to wear comfortable clothes during this period. Avoid tight dresses during this period to get relaxation.
  • Do not sleep or lying down soon after lunch, dinner or even after breakfast.
  • You should take sufficient rest and sleep.
  • Do some walking exercise during morning hours, yoga and meditation under guidance of your doctor. You can go into garden or nearby park for walking in green and clean environment to get fresh air and reduce queasiness.
  • Keep your home clean and odorless. You can use good room freshener that gives you fresh feeling.

Some Instant Remedy that help Nausea

Drink ginger tea as ginger is good for stomach and decreases vomiting. You can chew a fresh ginger flake in the morning or any time when you feel like vomiting. You can also take ginger chocolate or ginger tablets if you cannot eat ginger.

You can use fresh lemon as an effective remedy for nausea. You can inhale piece of lemon when you feel morning sickness. You can take fresh lemon juices as many times as you can. Drink lemon juice an hour before taking lunch will increase your desire for eating food. You can add sugar and salt to add some taste in lemon juice.

You can also take mint tea for getting relieve from morning sickness. You can chew mint sticks. You can also inhale mint. Use of mint can encourage your brain and body to reduce feeling of nausea.

Overcome Problem of Morning Sickness - For Working Women

Working women should take some precaution while go to work. She should prefer comfortable transportation mode to go and come from office. You need to arrange your sitting place where you can feel comfortable. You can discuss with your boss or manager regarding your problem. Keep some paper napkin, paper bag, fragrance wipes, water bottle with you. If you have your own vehicle, you need to drive slowly and safely. You can keep mint candy with you to refresh your mouth in case of vomiting. You can also keep some mouth water as well. 

You should not get tense or feel shy due to vomiting at work place. It is natural process that every woman has to face during pregnancy period.

You can maintain your daily schedule using some basic tips to overcome morning sickness. You can feel it initially, once you get habituated with it, you don’t feel it more, and you can continue your routine life normally. Accept such changes in your life in the beginning of your pregnancy period. You should enjoy your pregnancy soon when you enter in your second trimester of your pregnancy.
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